401(k) Champion Honorable Mention: Andrew Violette

Andrew Violette of KMC Systems

Merrimack, NH


I might be the epitome of a life-long habit of securing Free Money - if there's one thing about the phrase '401(K)' that stands out to me, it's the hidden meaning behind what’s in the parenthesis:  that letter K.  To me, it stands for “Kidding”…as in, You gotta be KIDDING me, there’s got to be a cheaper way!  College is expensive, but I was lucky – I won a military scholarship that came with formidable catch: a 4-year active duty service requirement in the Air Force.  But you gotta be Kidding me, I landed probably the best job in the entire Air Force launching rockets on the beaches of Florida!  So, that tough commitment actually never even phased me.  Then there’s the girl I fell in love with and wanted to propose on a starter salary.  But you gotta be Kidding me, I found out her desire was to wear her grandmother’s diamond ring!  So, that expense never even phased me.  Then, I joined the corporate world and for the first time was offered a 401(K).  I said, “You gotta be Kidding me, they’re giving me FREE MONEY (matching up to 6%) by contributing!?!  Well of course I’ll do that!” I dove in on day one and have never has looked back.  And it’s never even phased me!  I knew that by effectively doubling my investment, the missing dollars from my paychecks would never actually be missed – because it’s busy securing my (and her) bright future.  And that’s thanks to the power of compounding interest over time, even Einstein has pointed this out to be the most powerful force in the universe.  No matter what the market’s volatility looks like today, over a few decades all it spells is amazing growth! I know -  a 401(K) doesn’t Kid around… it’s the best way for a guy like me to effectively grow FREE MONEY over time.  And it sure helps with that company match!  While it feels good knowing that 6% comes off my gross pay (every dollar contributed is pre-tax!) and is put towards a secure retirement, it is utterly astounding to see the same amount listed on each paycheck that is FREELY GIVEN by the employer towards my retirement as well! You gotta be Kidding me!  Don’t miss out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Invest in your 401(K), and get that free money match!