When You Realize You Need to Prioritize ...

When you realize that you -- and only you -- are responsible for creating a secure retirement for yourself, that’s the time to confirm your understanding of key investment principles.          

At that “AHA” moment, getting educated becomes a priority. 

The earlier in life this educational journey begins, the better -- for one very good reason:  time builds wealth.    

The trigger to learn might be graduating from college and embarking on a new career, starting a new job with a company that offers a 401(k) plan --- or on the other end of the time spectrum, getting ready to retire. 

Jackson, Grant’s founder, Julie Jason, is a proponent of financial literacy, who for 25+ years has created a following as a retirement investing thought-leader.

We at Jackson, Grant support and promote:

     1. Financial literacy education for people of all ages and financial circumstances  
     2. Educational initiatives, such as The 401(k) Champion Award, to recognize 401(k) participants who utilize their 401(k)s effectively


Julie Jason

Julie Jason has directed Jackson, Grant’s wealth management practice since founding the firm more than 25 years ago. A proponent of financial literacy, she shares her investment insights through her award-winning books and column, which is syndicated by King Features.


Jackson, Grant

We serve a select high net worth clientele (minimum $5 million) who prefer the special relationship that only a boutique wealth management firm like Jackson, Grant can best deliver.  We are “fiduciaries” under the law, registered with the SEC as investment advisers, and function as “investment counsel.”